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Hiring Challenges within DevOps & Site Reliability Engineering

Posted-on June 2024 By Matt Atkins

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Are you facing difficulties in hiring, such as retaining talent, dealing with high demand and low supply of qualified professionals, finding engineers with adaptable skill sets, or securing candidates who fit your company culture? These challenges are prevalent when recruiting DevOps and Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) professionals. Gaining a deeper understanding of these roles can help you address these hiring issues effectively. Please read on to discover how to streamline your hiring process.

Understanding DevOps

DevOps combines "development" and "operations" to enhance software development and IT efficiency by promoting technological collaboration. Emerging around 2007, DevOps breaks down traditional silos between teams, speeding up processes and reducing errors through continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD). DevOps Engineers use automation tools to manage CI/CD pipelines, blending technical and management skills.


The Role of Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)

Developed by Google, SRE ensures site reliability and scalability by integrating development and operations. SREs automate DevOps practices to reduce incidents and improve system performance, guided by service-level agreements (SLAs), indicators (SLIs), and objectives (SLOs). They design infrastructure, analyze risks, monitor systems, and educate teams, focusing on automation and maintaining system visibility.


Challenges in Hiring DevOps and SRE Professionals

One of the most significant challenges in hiring DevOps and SRE professionals is the high demand coupled with a low supply of experienced individuals. The evolving nature of technologies in this field necessitates hiring managers to seek candidates who are not only skilled but also adaptable and quick learners. Cultural fit is another critical factor, as these roles require individuals who can thrive in collaborative and fast-paced environments.

Retaining talent is equally challenging, given the competitive offers frequently extended to skilled DevOps and SRE professionals. Moreover, the diverse skill requirements—from coding and automation to infrastructure management—make it difficult to find candidates who excel in all necessary areas.


How to hire DevOps effectively
Hiring DevOps engineers effectively is crucial given the industry's projected growth to £32.7 billion by 2028. As the demand for efficient application delivery rises, so does the competition for top talent. Here are key strategies to enhance your hiring process.

To hire the best DevOps engineers, focus on candidates with a blend of technical expertise and soft skills. Essential technical skills include proficiency in CI/CD tools, scripting languages like Python or Ruby, and experience with cloud services such as AWS. Soft skills, such as effective communication, teamwork, and problem-solving, are equally important. Evaluate candidates for their ability to translate complex technical details into understandable terms and their capability to work collaboratively in dynamic environments.

Given the complexity of DevOps roles, a well-defined recruitment process is vital. At iO Associates we start by crafting accurate job descriptions that reflect the specific skills and experience needed. We then craft and utilize our incredible sector-based team of in-house hiring consultants based on your project requirements and budget constraints. Get in touch today, click here.

During interviews, we focus on assessing both technical adeptness and cultural fit by asking candidates about their recent achievements using DevOps practices, their approach to learning new tools, and their problem-solving experiences. Once hired, at iO we ensure a smooth onboarding process by providing thorough communication and staying in the loop with updates and thorough aftercare.


In summary, the rapid evolution of DevOps and SRE technologies, combined with high demand and the need for an evolving skill set, presents significant hiring challenges. Understanding these challenges and the fundamental principles of DevOps and SRE can aid recruiters in identifying and retaining the right talent.

By strategically targeting the right skills, refining your recruitment process, and ensuring thorough evaluation during interviews, you can attract and retain top DevOps engineers, ultimately driving your organisation’s success in an increasingly competitive industry. For assistance in navigating these challenges, contact Matt Atkins today at or clickhere.