iO Associates are a specialist, cloud technology staffing firm.

We support our clients throughout their journey to becoming cloud native and have extensive experience in recruiting the highest calibre of permanent and contract talent across Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

The client experience sits at the heart of everything we do.

We’re proud of our focus on building close partnerships with organizations in the markets we operate within. We know that every business is different and with this in mind, our partnership approach allows us to create bespoke talent acquisition strategies to best meet your needs. We’ve amassed a wealth of knowledge about the challenges our clients face and are uniquely placed to help meet them head on.

Our team of motivated, highly experienced and knowledgeable consultants each specialize exclusively within narrowly defined technical disciplines and utilize their unrivalled expertise to provide bespoke solutions. We take the time to really understand our client requirements and find a solution tailored to you.

It is this focus and drive that keeps us one step ahead in the marketplace and enables us to present opportunities to the wider market in creative and innovative ways. We grant our clients access to both the active and passive candidate community, guaranteeing the best possible outcome.

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Market Specialisms

​Software Development

iO offers a broad understanding and extensive network across the Software Development community. Our consultants are able to help clients source top talent both permanent and interim, through a number of channels and relationships that have been built over the years.

Our expertise ranges from Microsoft Development, Java & Open Source Technologies, Front End and Mobile Development. 

Engaging with an extensive list of talented professionals on a daily basis, we support a growing list of domestic and international clients.

​​​​Our specialisms in Software Development include:​
  • .NET

  • C#

  • ASP.Net

  • ADO.Net

  • MVC

  • Ruby

  • Typescript

  • Javascript

  • NodeJS

  • Python

  • GoLang (Go)

  • Ruby, RoR

  • PHP

  • Java, JEE

  • Kotlin

  • Scala

  • Clojure

  • Groovy

  • AngularJS

  • VueJS

  • ReactJS


With the market now demanding the capability to rapidly deploy software and apps, it is essential that your DevOps team can deliver solutions to compliment and optimise your business model.

iO Associates have expert knowledge in DevOps technologies, so can deliver the contract and permanent specialists you need for your specific challenges in enabling continuous integration and continuous delivery of software and applications.

​​​Our specialisms in DevOps include:​

  • DevOps

  • Architecture

  • Infrastructure

  • IaaS, PaaS, SaaS

  • AWS

  • Docker

  • Kubernetes

  • Nagios

  • Raygun

  • Ansible

  • Puppet Enterprise

  • Jenkins

  • Git

  • Gradle

  • Python

  • GoLang (Go)


In a world where the Information and Cyber Security industry has evolved at a staggering rate, our team has grown and evolved with it.

With the cloud tech landscape rapidly changing and the increase in cyber-crime, organizations are taking security increasingly seriously. iO have an extensive presence within the industry and are well placed to advise our candidates and clients on the market as a whole and the current issues surrounding the security space.

At iO we have a vast network of security professionals helping to establish processes and practices designed to protect networks, computers, programs and data from attack and unauthorized access.​

​​Our specialisms in DevSecOps include:

  • Security Operations

  • Information Security

  • Security Architecture

  • Digital Forensics

  • Vulnerability Analysis

  • Penetration Testing

  • Incident Response

  • Threat Management

Data, ML & AI

With a detailed knowledge of the specialisms within Cloud Data, ML & AI, iO are well positioned to talk you through the latest opportunities within this growing sector.

​We cover the entirety of our clients' data journeys from capture, through to publication and interpretation and utilising Business Intelligence / Insight Analytics to support better business decision making and Data Science to predict future trends.

​By placing our clients with the best in the industry we enable them to make truly date-driven business decisions, working with clean and accurate data, generated through robust processes.

​Our specialisms in Data, ML and AI include:

  • ​Database Administration & Builds

  • Data Quality & Data Management

  • ETL, Data Migration & Integration

  • Data Visualisation

  • Big Data, Data Architecture & Data Engineering

  • Data Science, Machine Learning & AI

Cloud Migration

Defining the right migration strategy for your business, and then delivering on that plan, is of paramount importance for your migration to cloud.

iO Associates’ expertise enables us to provide the cloud professionals that you’ll need to ensure that your company’s data, applications and other business elements transition safely and securely to your new cloud environment.

Our specialisms in Product, Project & Exec include:
  • AWS Application Discovery Service

  • AWS Migration

  • AWS Management Portal

  • AWS Server Migration

  • AWS Database Migration

  • AWS Migration Hub

  • TSO Logic

  • CloudEndure Migration

  • Azure Migrate

  • Azure VMs

  • Azure SQL Database

  • Azure MySQL

  • Carbonite Migrate

  • Turbonomic

  • Cloudscape

  • ScienceLogic

  • AppDynamics

  • Google Cloud Migrate

  • Velostrata

  • Corent SurPaaS

Project Delivery

When it comes to sourcing people to lead business critical functions and projects, iO’s pedigree is unquestionable.

We understand our clients need a partner they can trust. Our expert consultants provide individuals who can deliver real change, are industry experts and have worked on the largest Change and Transformation programs.

Our specialisms in Product, Project & Exec include:

  • Project Management

  • Program Management

  • Scrum Masters

  • Agile Coaches

  • Heads of IT

  • Heads of Service

  • Heads of Technology

  • Heads of Digital

Testing / QA

In a market where the quality of the end product can make or break a company's reputation, a strong QA team is a must in any successful enterprise.

However, your Test Team are no longer there simply to ensure the outcome matches the requirements. With the advent of business-driven development, the advance of exploratory testing and the rise of automation, a balanced and well selected QA function is capable of providing assistance throughout the entirety of the software development life cycle. Our consultants know that a good tester can vastly influence the end result, beyond simply the removal and avoidance of bugs.

Our specialisms in Testing include:

  • Heads of Test

  • Test Managers/Test Leads

  • Exploratory Testers

  • Automation Testers

  • Software developers in Test (SDET)

  • Functional Testers

  • Non-functional Testers (NFT)

  • Manual Testers

  • Verification and Validation Engineers (V&V)

  • Front-end testers

  • System/Integration Testers

  • Test Consultants


Your company’s Cloud Architect, will demystify the complex and enable your organization to benefit from the full capability of cloud computing.

iO Associates are partnered with architects with expertise across all major cloud platforms, as well as architects with specific domain knowledge, such as Defence and Healthcare, where knowledge of security and complex systems can be of great benefit to our clients’ businesses.

​​​​​Our specialisms in DevOps include:
  • Enterprise

  • Integration

  • Cloud

  • ERP

  • CRM

  • Software


As a result of working with clients throughout their journey to the cloud, we have identified that a gap has often been the upskilling of the end user’s existing workforce. iO Associates work with teams of trainers who can be deployed to client site at any stage of the migration/deployment to work with IT and software teams to develop their skills in cloud technology.

Introducing such training experts has the dual benefit of enabling the vendor and end user to focus efforts on the migration, whilst also ensuring the existing tech workforce is brought on the journey.

​​​​Our specialisms in DevOps include:

  • Technical Cloud Trainer

  • Training Lead


  • Azure SME

  • Google Cloud SME

  • Agile SME

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