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Bailee Kussrow

Bailee Kussrow

Lead Recruitment Consultant

Bailee is a Lead Consultant with over 2 years of recruitment experience supporting clients and candidates at tech startups, SMEs, and global enterprises. She is diligent in taking the time to understand business needs, discuss hiring strategy, and present talent that is aligned to those goals.

Bailee is known for her critical eye, solution-based approach, and market intelligence. She has a desire to align the best talent that not only hits criteria but sets the bar higher in terms of technical skill and culture fit. This approach has allowed her opportunities to scale engineering teams from the ground up to help accelerate her clients’ product roadmaps and initiatives.

Outside of the office, Bailee can be found attending Tampa tech meetups and networking with local candidates. Off the clock she enjoys cooking, attempting to improve her artistic abilities through arts & crafts with her friends, and taking long walks while trying not to melt in the Florida heat.

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